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Financial Instruments 

Bernard Group includes a consortium of companies around the world and has been a global provider of banking financial instruments from TOP 25 banks since 2009. Deutsche Bank AG is a key partner bank of the Bernard Group.


For such a long period of work, Bernard Group has invested tens of billions of euros in the form of banking financial instruments in the economies of various countries and businesses around the world.


The Bernard Group has earned a well-deserved reputation among its clients and banks, including through respect for confidentiality, which is mandatory in such transactions.


However, for a closer acquaintance with our potential partners and clients, we are ready to publish a part of the information, released from confidentiality, only for some projects that have been implemented in recent years.


So, in the period of 2018-2020, Bernard Group made investments in the form of banking financial instruments for a total amount of 15,437 billion euros, including in the following projects:

On 15.11.2018, a bank financial instrument in the amount of EUR 500M was issued from Deutsche Bank AG. at Deutsche Bank AG Portugal Branch. 

On 01.02.2019, a bank financial instrument in the amount of EUR 9.8B was issued from Deutsche Bank AG to Development Bank of Kenya Limited. 

On 23.04.2019, a bank financial instrument in the amount of EUR 250M was issued from Deutsche Bank AG to Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.

On 16.12.2019, a bank financial instrument in the amount of EUR 495M was issued from Deutsche Bank AG.

On 11.02.2020 an amount of 1,000,000,000.00 (one billion euros) was invested from Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt am Main, to Deutsche Bank PGK AG, 40189 Düsseldorf.

The Bernard Group's professional team consists of experienced financiers, lawyers, bankers, auditors and business consultants. We direct all our experience to maximize the satisfaction of our client’s needs and to obtain high financial results for clients in their activities.


The world is changing rapidly, new challenges occur every day. During such periods, in order to stay afloat in the financial world and make a leap up, large and medium-sized businesses need additional attraction of funds. At the same time, financing organizations and banks are ready to provide financing only against reliable collateral. In this case, the business is experiencing serious difficulties, not being able to provide sufficient collateral to expand the business or launch a new project.

If you are reading this text, then you have found a solution to this issue!


Bernard Group possesses sufficient funds and can provide collateral against your financing in the form of bank financial instruments from our partner bank. On the basis of a financial cooperation agreement, Bernard Group will issue bank financial instruments in the form of Bürgschaft, Guarantee subject to URDG 758, Standby Letter of Credit as per ISP 98, Bürgschaft on first demand, Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit as per UCP 600. in favor of your bank or financing organization, for a year or for the period of your loan obligations.


The financial world in recent years has had a number of shocks, previously successful businesses have gone bankrupt, and some businesses have accelerated and taken off. Every business is a risk and every successful businessman tries to get the maximum profit with the minimum risk. And the most ideal solution is to get guaranteed high profits. Who today can be a greater guarantor than a bank with a high world rating and large capitalization?


Bernard Group is pleased to announce that you can receive high profits guaranteed by the TOP 25 bank. By investing in the purchase of banking financial instruments in the form of BG, SBLC, Bank Draft and others, your company's profit will be 65% - 75% per annum.


At the same time, you will not be threatened by a pandemic, financial crisis, economic stagnation, falling stock prices and a decrease in consumer demand. Your business will no longer depend on these factors, and you will be able to plan the growth of the company with accurate mathematical calculations for years to come.


You can invest in bank financial instruments with both your own funds and borrowed funds of your bank or financing organization from the received credit line. Such a high profit covers all expenses and bank charges on the loan, with a large margin.

To start cooperation with the Bernard Group, you need to follow a couple of simple steps:


Submit LOI in the fill in form on the website.

Provide full information about your company, its activities, as well as bank details and mailing address.

When requesting the provision of a banking financial instrument as collateral, provide a brief summary of the project, experience in running this business, data of the financing organization or details of a bank account ready to provide a loan (loan).

When you request to invest in the purchase of banking financial instruments - indicate what confirmation of your financial capabilities, to fulfill the terms of the transaction, you are ready to provide after the conclusion of a confidentiality agreement between our companies (Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL), or Proof of Funds (POF), or Account Statement, or Confirmation Letter on the opening of a Credit Line or etc).

If you are a consulting company, audit company, law firm, intermediary, broker, consultant or agent, Bernard Group is ready to cooperate with you, subject to signing a confidentiality agreement, a commission agreement and providing complete data about your organization or an individual - an entrepreneur. Also provide an agreement with a client and / or a power of attorney from a client for the right to negotiate on his behalf and to represent the interests of your partner (client).

Send the documents to Email:


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