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Dear representatives of medium and large businesses, you are welcome to the Bernard Group AG business page.


In modern conditions of the world market, for effective development and competitiveness, business needs financing, crediting and sufficient investments on favorable terms.


Bernard Group AG is one of the world's largest investment companies, offering a large selection of global fund and mutual funds, ETFs, advice, and related services.


We are pleased to announce that even during the pandemic; we have the opportunity and intention to invest in medium and large businesses, in the projects over 30 million euros.


At the moment, for investments from our side, projects in the EU, USA, UK and Switzerland have an advantage.


As an exception, it is possible to consider a different location of the operating business, in countries with a developed legal system and investment protection.


If you have a project, an operating business with high profitability, and you want to develop the business, modernize and/or scale it, and you are looking for an investment- we are glad to welcome you as a client and partner of Bernard Group AG.

Basic requirements for the project:

1. The payback period of the project is no more than 5 years;

2. The amount of investment from 30 million Euro;

3. Availability of international audit of the project (or readiness to order an international audit);

4. Willingness to ensure control of the company to the investor until the pay-back of the investment;

5. Business plan of the project (Feasibility study);

6. Availability of a package of permits required for the implementation of the project in the country of business;

7. Your company has a positive experience in this area of ​​business;

8. Availability of the applicant's own assets for partial financial participation in the project.

Bernard Group AG invests in the following industrial sectors such as; Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Private Equity Portfolios, Technology, and Telecommunication Infrastructure, Construction and Real Estate, Mining and Natural Resources, Utility Scale Power Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Defense. So also in other spheres of the economy, with well-predictable profitability.


To start cooperation, please send the following documents to the e-mail:


1. Application to Bernard Group AG with an investment request, indicating the amount of own investment and the amount of the requested investment;

2. CIS and Profile of your company, describing the activities of the company and the specialists on whom the company relies;

3. A summary of the project and a list of documents that you can provide in the future;

4. Copies of title documents for real estate and land.

After consideration of the application and documents, with prior approval, Bernard Group AG will send you a confidentiality agreement and a list of required documents to make a decision on your request. We will also conduct negotiations; clarify important issues to make a final decision. With an approved decision, you will receive the conditions for providing investments for your project.


Our primary focus is the provision of financial services including but not limited to, direct investment, debt-financing, collateralization, monetization of financial instruments, and issuance thereof.


Bernard Group began operations November 05, 2018, total assets About € 8.7 billion in global assets under management, as of January 31, 2020, Value of funds About 6 U.S. funds (including variable annuity portfolios) and about 18 additional funds in markets outside the United States, as of January 31, 2020.


Average expense ratio 0.10% (U.S. asset-weighted fund expenses as a percentage of 2019 average net assets). Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Marcel V. Bernard.


Number of employees 40 in the Europe and abroad, as of December 31, 2020. Core purpose to take a stand for all investors, to treat them fairly, and to give them the best chance for investment success.


Bernard Group AG clients are served by professionals that are among the most exceptional in the investment industry. Our employees are known internally as members, provide loyalty-inspiring service and low-cost investment products to millions of clients around the globe. Their passion and commitment ensure that we continually improve our quality and cost-efficiency.


Cooperation with Bernard Group AG is your best solution!

Send the documents to Email:


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