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Bernard Group AG is an expert financial services provider in investment provision, monetization and issuance of banking instruments with the best available solutions to meet all your financial goals and project finance requirements around the world.

Bernard Group AG has built a successful financial and investment global brand. We are a true global team, with a shared vision and commitment to exceeding the needs of our ever-changing market, while finding innovative ways to offer increased profit and efficiency to our customers and stakeholders around the world.

Monetizing banking instruments is the process of eliminating banking instruments by converting them into cash. The Bernard Group monetizes bank guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit or Irrevocable Documentary Letters of credit, banknotes, medium-term notes and some long-term notes from our clients.

Our clients do not need to pay upfront monetization fees. We monetize your instruments by providing you with a non-recourse loan or a loan on very favorable terms. The scheme works this way: we issue loans from US funds to Deutsche Bank AG, which is our key partner bank, and the fund, in turn, provides loans to the owner of the instrument. Several financial market participants offer banking instruments through the following systems: Euroclear, DTC and Bloomberg. The Bernard Group accepts banking instruments only through Swift, a messaging network that financial institutions use to securely transmit information and instructions through a standardized code system.

The monetary value for financing of bank instruments from TOP-25 banks with a nominal value of 50 to 400 million can be as high as 80-85% of the nominal value of the financial instrument and, if from a bank with a low rating, starts from 30% of the nominal value of the financial instrument. In order for a business to be successful, start-up capital is needed. In order for the business to develop substantial scale of financial investments are also needed. We offer our clients who are experiencing a shortage of funds, profitable loan products or monetization of banking instruments.

We can offer the most comfortable and profitable conditions for clients for BG, SBLC, Bank Draft monetization.

Our advantages:

If you want to get a loan or a line of credit secured by a financial instrument, you can use an affordable interest rate: from 0% to 5% and loyal conditions for granting a loan.


Transparency: the procedure for registering a financial instrument is completely transparent and information at each stage is available to the client.


Reliability and coverage: we are a reliable financial structure with an impeccable reputation, rich experience of successful work in the financial and banking services market.


Staff: our team consists of professionals with vast experience who will study your business model and offer various monetization options that are most optimal for your business. Our specialists act as your advisors and help you to use your finances to the extent you need.


A wide variety of financial instruments, monetization schemes: over the past few years, we have created a wide portfolio of services for our clients to serve them better. We offer various types of instrument monetization schemes across our portfolio that best suit clients' needs.

Working with us, you will achieve success and prosperity in your business!

For detailed information on your request, please send the following documents to the e-mail


1. LOI with data on a financial instrument;

2. CIS company;

3. A copy of the banking instrument (if it has already been issued).

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